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Pat's Snack Bar

Big Hickory Golf Course 

Clay County Historical Society 

Swinging Bridges


Pat's Snack Bar

At Pat's Snack Bar you'll find the best burgers in town!! They also offer live entertainment, a fine bourbon selection & an array of delicious cocktails !!!


Big Hickory Golf

Big Hickory Golf Course is a scenic 9 hole golf course that offers a fun and challenging golf experience.


Clay County
Historical Society

The Clay County Genealogical and Historical Society FB page is intended as a forum for creating awareness, generating interest, and forever preserving the rich and abundant history of Manchester and Clay County, Kentucky.

Swinging Bridges

The Swinging Bridges of Clay County are relics of another time; but unlike other modern crossings, they are largely immune to water. These bridges attract hundreds of visitors yearly for a short adventure and glance at history. 


Stone Of Witness 
Red Bird Petroglyph

when the 50-ton sandstone slab on which they were carved fell onto Kentucky Highway 66 on December 7, 1994, the rock was not simply bulldozed into a ditch. It was carefully hoisted by crane onto a flatbed truck and driven 20 miles to the county seat of Manchester, where it was set on a concrete base and protected under a custom-built metal shelter. James Burchell wrote the text for two signs flanking the slab, calling attention to several of its inscriptions. He also wrote a booklet that went into more detail, naming the rock The Stone of Witness, a nod to its place in both American history and Christian gospel-spreading (Despite this, most people still call it the Red Bird Petroglyph).

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